ATLAS of technologies for reducing the climate impact and environmental load of farming

Information about technologies, here under general description and theoretical fundamentals, applicability, figures and pictures, environmental effects, biosecurity impacts, investment price and operational costs, BAT-status and related verifications of commercial technologies on the market, scientific references, reference to commercial installations and suppliers. Click the technology group for descriptions:


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  • ALFAM2 - interctive model for estimating ammonia volatilisation during field spreading of manure. The tool calculates the loss of nitrogen via evaporation of ammonia in connection to field spreading of slurry/liquid manure. The user can adjust decisive parametres, such as weather conditions, dose and quality of the slurry, and the type of the used field spreading technique.

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  • The 'CNP flows interactive model' illustrates the effects of CNP management at farms. The model can be used for observation of the combined effects in the entire manure / crop / feed loop of on-farm measures, such as employment of various livestock manure processing technology.

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